Professional Life, leadership, and marriage coaching


     The “Lost Coast” is a stunning, remote section of  Northern California coastline that is consistently rated as one of the “must see” trails to experience in your lifetime. The variations and diversity of this trail can be seen as a metaphor for our lives: at times we may feel we are walking in deep sand, where moving forward in life feels challenging and labor intensive. Other times we may feel we are trying to balance on wet, bowling-ball sized boulders, as each decision we make seems precarious or risky. Further along there may be sections of the trail where we must know the tides to avoid losing our direction, or being swept out to sea - wisdom in these seasons is crucial. But for all of the challenges this trail can throw at you, the journey is always breathtakingly gorgeous and exhilarating. Wildflowers, redwoods, prairies, cliffs, and streams to your left, and the powerful, awe-inspiring Pacific Ocean on your right. The views and experience are worth every step. At the Lost Coast Transformation Center, we want to empower you to experience this life through the eyes of Jesus, engage your heart on every level, leverage your pain for growth, and champion you through the challenges this life presents to each one of us. 

   As a Professional Life and Leadership Coach, it is my call to champion leaders in challenging seasons. My heart is to see leaders of churches, ministries, families, businesses, and more connect more deeply with God and fulfill their purpose and potential in Christ. I could not have come through all the challenges I have faced without the expertise of a coach.

As a leader, you are continuously investing in others. Who is investing in you?

   My coaching style empowers you to live with:

  • Confidence (in God and who God has designed you to be)

  • Clarity (of identity, vision, goals, and direction)

  • Passion (for Him, His kingdom, and His desire for your life, family, and calling)

  • Purpose (knowing what you have been equipped to do and empowered to do it).

   Practical benefits:

  • Deep connection with God (God-desires fulfilled and God-dreams realized)

  • Ability to leverage painful and challenging circumstances for growth

  • Healthy Relationships (conflict resolution, boundaries, and walking in forgiveness)

  • Freedom from life-long barriers/behavior patterns that sabotage what we truly desire

  • Powerful communication skills

  • Healthy marriages that compliment and empower one another

  • Enhanced life/work balance and flow

  • Greater productivity in the workplace and home

    Here is what a few leaders are saying:

*  "Jason has a unique gift of identifying areas in people’s lives that are holding them back so that they can connect with their God-given destiny.” MP

*  ”I have been set free from lies that I have believed my entire life and had breakthrough in areas that have seemed overwhelming to deal with in just one short session with Jason.” - BD

    I would like to connect at your convenience to answer any further questions you might have (all communication is kept strictly confidential with the exception of where it is mandated by law). If you or someone you know are interested in pursuing coaching further, please contact me at your convenience. Many blessings to you,  

Jason C. Wells

Professional Life and Leadership Coach

MA Counseling, MA Ministry

Lost Coast Transformation Center



More Testimonials: 

"Jason has a great sense of humor, is very intelligent and kind, is a wonderful listener, and has a lot of wisdom to impart. He is an easy place to land when you need help walking through small issues and big issues alike.  He is well seasoned in human dynamics and the ways of the heart.  He is well versed in the spirit and how our spiritual needs can affect our outward behavior, but approaches the layers that make us up in a very down-to-earth way.  I have gone to Jason on many occasions for a kind listening ear and wise counsel, and have always left feeling loved, respected, and more equipped to love my neighbor and myself." -MKS

"Jason is kind and gentle and is led by a still, small voice. His guidance brings revelation that promotes an empowering inner peace." - BF

"I have been set free from lies that I have believed my entire life and had breakthrough in areas that have seemed overwhelming to deal with in just one short session with Jason. Jason helps you connect with Jesus so He can shed light on pain (circumstances/ darkness/ etc) and bring freedom from anything you are experiencing (including shame, pain, anxiety, depression, fear). In one session with Jason, I experienced more healing/ breakthrough/ freedom than months of therapy." -BD

 "Jason Wells is someone who I would recommend to my own family. His ability to cut through the outer layer and get to the root of the problem is amazing.” -WB

"Through one session the Lord met me right where I was.  Holy Spirit spoke and I could see and feel the things that had needed to be broken off for years crumble before my eyes! My life in that area has been forever changed!" -KM

"Jason has a passion and gifting to help people connect with Holy Spirit in a safe atmosphere where freedom abounds and lives are changed." -JP